"For the past five years before my retirement last month, Mandy (Amanda Brownsill) was my key interpreter, supporting my communication needs at my post as teacher of the deaf/Head of Deaf-Hearing Impaired Department at a large secondary school.  I found her easy to understand where she set herself a very high standard of communication support for me, which involved interpreting phone messages, at meetings, conferences and training.  Mandy occasionally supported my communicators with their signing skills.  She assisted me in lessons to follow teachers’ instructions to pupils and to listen to the soundfield systems that they are functioning satisfactorily.   Mandy knew what I missed out being profoundly deaf, working in the hearing world and she would make sure that I’m aware and followed conversations especially in my office with my twelve hearing colleagues.   Lastly, over the years, she assisted me in delivering deaf awareness in school and recently signed at annual drama production.


I would recommend any deaf professionals to contact her, should they need an interpreter especially in education."

        Bryan Whalley

Retired Teacher of the Deaf

Testimonial has not been translated

"I have worked with Amanda for many years. She is always well prepared and punctual .  Amanda is polite and keen to develop as a professional Interpreter."

BSL Service user


"I would recommend  booking Amanda to work with you.  Amanda is skilled in what she does in supporting me in my role in social care.  Amanda is not worried about interpreting meetings for clarity or telling other to talk one at a time.  I have been very happy using Amanda and will continue to book her on a regular basis."

Claire Jones

Advanced Practitioner in Social Care

"I am a General Practitioner working in Bletchley.  I was very impressed by Mandy's (Amanda's) speed and accuracy of signing.  The situation was quite complex and I was able to interview effectively.  I felt her signing facilitated the consultation process and importantly did not interfere with the flow and nonverbal communication of a consultation which is very important.  The clients seemed relatxed and comfortable during the interview.  I would be happy to recommend Mandy to assist Deaf clients in any circumstances"

Doctor N Fagan 

GMC Number 2780267

"Hello Amanda .  

I would like to provide feedback of what I think of Amanda. Having met her a few times, I am really impressed.  She has a good attitude, she's easy to engage with, she's open minded, keen to learn about Deaf issues, and is a fast learner.  

Amanda has good BSL and receptive skills. Having only qualified eighteen months ago as newly qualified Interpreter, I can see she has a lot of potential as she continues in her career. I would recommend her to you as she is a good interpreter.

I work within Mental Health, which is a different domain.  Amanda is keen and I hope in the future she will work within Mental Health more.  You would be making a good choice booking Amanda; she is developing, she engages, and is relaxed.  I hope you will work with her, and I recommend you user Amanda as your interpreter.  Thank you, goodbye."



Independent Deaf Advisor in Mental Health

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"I met Mandy (Amanda) over six years ago on an Interpreter Training Program.  I clearly  remember thinking soon after we met...  the woman is soooo talented and yet so humble.

I, of course, liked her straight away. But besides her apparent composed and professional demeanour, Amanda is such a perfectionist, and I weight my words!!!!!

No details can or shall pass her!  She is a cool, calm and collected cat.

No one can really appreciates how far Amanda has come, despite her initial and very obvious lack of confidence, she ploughed through determined.  Amanda pushed herself to such an extent that I could literally see the metamorphosis before my eyes... and what a transformation!  Mandy is truly an inspiration.  One who has now clearly demonstrated her growth by becoming the dream interpreter any Deaf person could have.  I am very proud to count Mandy as a co-worker and a friend."

Rabira Dachi (RSLI)


British Sign Language/ English Interpreter

"On the few occasions Amanda has interpreted for me mainly during discussions with my daughter's teacher, I have found her to be a very efficient BSL interpreter who's always considerate, professional and ensures whatever is being said is signed clearly for my benefit so I wouldn't hesitate to book Amanda for future appointments"

Samuel Dore

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 "Mandy has been my regular interpreter for some time.  She's always  interpreted for me at Milton Keynes Dons Football Stadium between the appointed First-Team Manager and the football players; during training sessions and for meetings.  Although In these situations the dialogue is very fast paced, Mandy is still able to interpret the information at speed.  This means I can follow what's being said without feeling left behind. It's a positive challenge, I'm really happy with her.

I'll also use Mandy for Astronomy events when there are professional talks. 

We'll receive a copy of the presentation two weeks in advance of the talk, at times it is a new subject for me and for Mandy.  She will use her own time, researching the content and the meaning.  When I arrive at the talk, Mandy wants to ensure I enjoy the evening being able to engage in smooth conversation; she prepares very well .


Observation evening/ stargazing, it's really dark outside. People who are hearing observing the night's sky, through a telescope will talk about the stars and star spot. We also use a very dim red flashlight. Mandy has patience, she manages well interpreting what is being said,  The torch helps us to communicate with each other, I enjoy it, it's fine, it can be  challenging but she has no problem doing it she's good, which is why I use her regularly.  

If you need an interpreter for a situation that has a high level of jargon, try her, I recommend her.  That's why I use her a lot, for football and astronomy."

Derek Rowley

This testimonial has been translated

"I  am more than happy to recommend Amanda Brownsill as a BSL Interpreter.  Amanda is at the top of our list when we need an Interpreter for an event or if a member of staff needs an Interpreter for work.  She is a true professional"

Debbie Jakeman RSLI,

Access Ambassadors CIC

 "I remember when Amanda and I first met.   I thought  she had a lovely smile and she made me feel calm.  I was quite nervous, as I was starting a new job in a mainstream school as a newly qualified teacher.  At that time, Amanda was also quite new to interpreting.
I went through some very difficult and challenging times during my career.  Amanda was a massive support  throughout.  Her signing skills were brilliant and I understood everything she interpreted and she understood me.  After some thought, I made a decision to pursue a new opportunity and so, I changed my career and followed a new path.


I recently, started a new job and required an interpreter for a training day.  I thought of Amanda and contacted her to see if she was available. She was, and It was brilliant! I had no trouble at all understanding her.  I would recommend Amanda, and would use her again as my interpreter.


Thank you Amanda for everything you have done for me."


Farah Bhanvadiya

Programme Coordinator

MacIntyre Charity.